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Black Inc X Shimano Freehub Body

The Black Inc Shimano Cassette Body can be used for multiple drivetrain brands, most commonly SRAM and Shimano of course. We offer it either with stainless steel bearings, or optimised with CeramicSpeed bearings.


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A quality freehub body can be the key to providing the ultimate performance from a top quality pair of wheels. The Black Inc Shimano Cassette Body has been engineered to provide low friction and quick engagement in order to make the most out of the aero efficiency of our wheels. It is available with stainless steel bearings or upgradable to CeramicSpeed bearings for a smooth, practically friction-free ride.

We work directly with CeramicSpeed for all our hubs, which is why we offer the Shimano freehub body with ceramic bearings as an option. CeramicSpeed bearings are based directly on the technology developed as part of NASA’s space program in the 1990s. CeramicSpeed bearings are produced using top-grade Silicon Nitride ceramic balls which provide an instant upgrade from steel bearings. We design our hubs according to the extremely high tolerances that CeramicSpeed handmade bearings allow for.

In both configurations, either with stainless steel or CeramicSpeed bearings, Black Inc Shimano Cassette Body offers extensive durability and lightweight efficiency. Fast engagement and equally reliable disengagement when coasting are hallmarks of the Shimano freehub performance.