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Black Inc X SRAM XDR Driver Freehub Body

The Black Inc XDR Driver Freehub Body ensures that any Black Inc wheel can run with the SRAM drivetrain. The aluminium body is durable and lightweight, ideal for anyone looking for the lightest possible wheel build. OVERVIEW The XDR Driver Freehub is available either with CeramicSpeed ceramic Bearings or stainless steel bearings. We work directly with CeramicSpeed for all our hubs, which is why we offer the XDR with ceramic bearings as an option. CeramicSpeed bearings are based directly on the technology developed as part of NASA’s space program in the 1990s. CeramicSpeed bearings are produced using top-grade Silicon Nitride ceramic balls which provide an instant upgrade from steel bearings. We design our hubs according to the extremely high tolerances that CeramicSpeed handmade bearings allow for. The XDR Freehub is the road version of the SRAM XD mountain bike freehub, which has the added advantage of being able to run the usual 11 or 12 tooth cogs, but can also accommodate cassettes that run smaller than 11-tooth cogs, which makes Black Inc XDR Driver Freehub Body an ideal choice for gravel applications as well.


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