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Factor X Velotoze Shoe Covers


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There’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet on a ride. But for those messy weather days you have to ride, the Factor veloToze Shoe Covers will protect your feet and your nice footwear. The veloToze proprietary material provides waterproof protection which includes a surprising amount of insulation as well. Your feet will stay warm in high winds, heavy rain and even slushy snowy.

The bottoms have been reinforced in the toe area for durability. The smooth material with a form-fitting design also offers aerodynamic benefits, which is one reason you’ll see riders on WorldTour teams wearing veloToze shoe covers during time trials. Not zippers or Velcro straps enhances the shoe covers’ effectiveness against water seepage as well as the aero benefits since those points where water could leak in or wind disturbed, like a zipper, have been removed.

The design also makes them super compact, so if the weather warms up and dries out mid-ride, you can easily remove and store them in a back pocket, or keep them packet in your saddle bag for the unexpected rainstorm.