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SLiCK Seatpost

Developed to complement the aerodynamic performance of the Factor SLiCK in time trials and triathlons, the proprietary design of the Factor SLiCK Seatpost ensures exceptional stiffness under load while cutting through the turbulent airflow coming off the rider’s legs.



Molded using high quality carbon fiber, the Factor SLiCK Seatpost employs a wind tunnel tested aerodynamic shape to slice through the turbulent airflow coming off of rider’s legs. Designed specifically to work with the Factor SLiCK, this seatpost is not only aero-optimized, but extremely stiff to guarantee all power is transferred directly from the legs to the pedals.

Offering easy adjustability with a secure seatpost clamping system, the Factor SLiCK Seatpost fits both carbon and metal saddle rails (7×9 or 7×7 rails) to ensure the riders can always use the saddles of their choice.