Raising Funds for Local Teens with Custom O2s

Jul 15, 2020

Nebraska-based companies Factor Bikes NA/SA and Champion System USA announce their partnership with Lighthouse to support their efforts in promoting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of adolescents.

Lighthouse is a long-standing organization in Lincoln, Nebraska, who provides middle and high school-aged youth with high-quality programming to increase graduation likelihood. 

“Any contribution will help countless teens graduate from high school, learn healthier coping skills, become successful young adults and make life-long impacts,” said Michelle Michener of Lighthouse.

In honor of Lighthouse’s thirtieth anniversary, and to raise funds and awareness, the partnership starts with auctioning three custom-painted, fully built Factor Bike O2s and matching cycling apparel provided by Champion System.

Currently up for auction is the first-ever officially licensed University of Nebraska -Lincoln Cornhusker bike. The remaining two bikes feature designs reflecting Lighthouse’s value: Love, Respect, Diversity, Education, Personal Responsibility, Honesty and Belonging.  These bikes will be available for auction starting October 1st and December 15th.

“It’s vital we recognize our companies have the ability and responsibility to impact our local community positively,” says Jay Thomas, owner of Champion System USA and General Manager of Factor Bikes NA/SA.

Plans for the partnership’s future explore options for increased infrastructure, accessibility, empowerment, and education.  

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