Parkhotel Valkenburg OSTRO VAM

A special bike for a valued partnership

Though professional cycling is generally quite a small, tightly knit community, long-term commitments are rare. Riders move from team to team, teams change out equipment, sponsors jump from one organization to the next. That’s one reason why at Factor, we are proud of our partnership with the Parkhotel Valkenburg cycling team. We are currently in our fifth year as the bike sponsor for the Parkhotel Valkenburg, which is currently our longest-standing partnership. Five years and going strong, the mutual long-lasting commitment between the team and Factor means that we are able to refine our product to provide the riders with exactly the tools they need to develop and expand as athletes.

Development and Successes

The Parkhotel Valkenburg cycling team is well known to have helped foster the talents of some of the most successful riders currently in the women’s WorldTour peloton. Riders like Demi Vollering, Lorena Wiebes, and Femke Markus have ridden for the team. Finding early success within the ranks of Parkhotel Valkenburg, many of the riders have moved on to win some of the biggest races on the calendar.

The team places a great deal of value on development and building a strong base that will help the riders throughout their careers, even after they leave the team. Current members of the team continue to show exceptional promise.

The success of the team’s focus on young riders can be seen in some of their most recent races where 20-year-old Marith Vanhove took 2nd at Tour de Berlin Feminin on July 2nd and 21-year-old Lieke Nooijen took her first pro win at the Argenta Classic - 2 Districtenpijl Ekeren-Deurn on July 9th!

The perfect celebration for our partnership

To mark our five years together, Factor created a frame design to match the revamped kit of the Parkhotel Valkenburg. The team changed jersey design for 2023, so the Factor design team took inspiration from the new jersey to integrate the team’s identity into the frame and fork.

Own Yours Today! Limited Frames Produced for Order

The design has been such a success with the members of the team that we have decided to make the OSTRO VAM Parkhotel Edition available to purchase for a limited time.

If you would like to show your support for the Parkhotel Valkenburg, or simply love the color-combo on the frame design, then you have the chance for a very limited time to order this special graphic design while enjoying the remarkable ride quality of the OSTRO VAM.

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This offer is available only the end of September 2023, so be sure to contact our expert support team to place your order today.