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The race to the swift

Balancing lightweight gains with aerodynamic advancements, Factor road bikes offer exceptional performance over a variety of terrains. With frames that focus on weight reduction, aerodynamics, and long-term comfort in varying degrees, we have a road bike that will suit every road rider’s needs.

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For the ultimate manufacturing solution, we have developed high-pressure moulds that effectively remove all excessive resin from the base material, making the carbon stronger, lighter, and more efficient. That proves extremely important for the performance to ensure it remains lightweight without compromising the ride stiffness, durability, or responsive handling.


Applying our knowledge to the building of the best carbon bikes in the peloton starts with the selection of materials used and how to get the best out of them. We mix and match the different types of carbon to the location on the frame where it will be the most effective. We incorporate boron to reduce weight while adding stability and strength. At the deepest layer of the frame, we use TexTreme carbon which is is engineered with a spread tow prepreg fiber system that offers considerable reduction in weight while increasing rigidness and strength. We’ve also included pitch, a ultra-high modulus and astoundingly stiff carbon fiber.


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