Fashion Meets Performance

Welcome to the world of style and performance with the exclusive collaboration between fashion icon Paul Smith and Factor Bikes. Elevate your cycling experience with the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality, as these two iconic brands join forces to create a limited-edition luxury collection like no other.

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Iconic Collaboration

The Paul Smith Edition Factor is more than just a bicycle—it's a statement, where high-end fashion intertwines with cutting-edge cycling tech. Every contour and hue reflects Paul Smith's legendary design philosophy, merging seamlessly with Factor's dedication to impeccable performance. From vibrant stripes to the iconic Paul Smith signature, this bike is a symphony of style and speed. Dressed in vibrant blues, greens, and an eye-catching yellow, Each element of this design is a testament to Paul Smith's celebrated style. Woven with Factor's commitment to precision and quality, it's a visual feast for the discerning cyclist. It's where two iconic worlds unite in perfect harmony.

Lightweight Aero Performance

The Paul Smith Edition Factor is an aero disc-brake frame which weighs just 830g (painted, size 54). Factor reserves its very best materials to reach such a low weight, laying up the ultimate carbon materials perfectly to ensure low weight, responsive ride, and durability. You can build the bike to below the UCI 6.8kg weight limit, which is unique among aero frames. That means that the aero advantages come without the usual weight penalty. Few rides or race routes are exclusively mountainous or flat roads so, naturally, you want it all: speed and lightweight. You will be riding Factor's everything bike, making you fast whatever the terrain.

Exceptional Comfort

For the discerning cyclist with an affinity for luxury and high-performance, Factor Bikes infused with the elegance of Paul Smith, is a perfect match. Born from the challenging terrains of Paris-Roubaix and stage wins at the Tour de France, this aero racer promises unmatched resilience and smoothness for your most demanding rides. The meticulously selected carbon fibre and its strategic layup bestow a superior frame compliance, ensuring power is never compromised. Its slender rear seat stays are artfully designed to mute road vibrations and soften the ride. Elevate this experience by fitting tires up to 32mm wide, complementing the bike's dedication to comfort and style. Dive into a world where grandeur meets grit.

Paul Smith Accessories

Explore carefully curated collection of cycling accessories that take your ride to the next level. From the stylish and comfortable blue embossed bartape to the meticulously designed signature barstem, each piece adds a touch of style and functionality to your bike. Elevate your cycling experience with these visually appealing and performance-enhancing accessories.

Fashioned For Speed

The goal was to compliment the lightest aero-oriented bike in the pro peloton. The Paul Smith Edition factor is a bike that can be competitive on any terrain. It is ready to win sprints, conquer cobbled classics, and summit the climbs with the best, in true Paul Smith style.

Get Your SLT Bearings

Working closely with CeramicSpeed when developing products allows Factor to help find the best technical solutions for the ultimate racing bikes. Early in the concept design phase, our R&D team was testing CeramicSpeed’s SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) Bearings for headsets, giving our feedback in the development of the indestructible headset bearings that we have been using with our road bikes since March 2021. The SLT bearings have proved they are guaranteed to last. Requiring no maintenance, they are particularly useful when combined with an integrated cockpit. The SLT bearings solve the problem of headset maintenance for integrated cockpits by removing the need!

Detailed Aerodynamics

Though aerodynamics and lightweight frequently are playing tug-of-war, the OSTRO VAM design makes sure these two essential considerations are both pulling in the same direction. In designing the OSTRO, Factor considered every aspect of the frame and applied the optimum aero profile, with particular regard to the transitions between frame sections and to performance across a full range of effective wind angles. The tube profiles are derived from NACA (National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics) shapes, oriented along the waterline (horizontal) in line with airflow and optimised for ride quality and aero-to-weight balance by truncating the aero section aggressively.

Full Integration

The one-piece, aerodynamic Black Inc Barstem reduces drag by meeting clean incoming airflow with a clean shape. Fully internal cabling brings further gains and Factor has achieved this while maintaining a 1⅛” top headset bearing for optimised frontal area, whereas many other brands increase the head tube size to accommodate internal cabling, cancelling out the benefits. And the introduction of CeramicSpeed SLT Bearings removes any worry of headset maintenance.

In line with customer demand and facilitating a reduction in aero drag and weight, the OSTRO VAM is built exclusively for electronic shifting groupsets.

Basing our fork offset on the size of the frame ensures optimum handling characteristics across all frame sizes so that every customer has the best ride experience.

The T47 standard for threaded bottom brackets ensures a secure fit and easy maintenance. It allows for the use of a wide range of crank spindle diameters and helps keep the bottom bracket shell robust for exceptional power transfer.

Enhancing comfort and making the most of the aerodynamic benefits offered by Black Inc’s wide rims, the OSTRO VAM can accommodate up to 32mm tires.

Complete Bikes & Premium Packages

Get ready to ride with our bike builds, includes group sets, bar stems, seat posts, wheel sets and cranks.