Fast full suspension XC racer

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01 Overview

A 29er to rollover your best times

You know the type. You see them at all the trail heads. Out-front Garmin mount. Closer fitting gear and lightweight helmet. Looking for ways to get their best times on their favorite trails. Maybe you are one of them. If so, you’ll love the Factor LANDO XC. This lightweight full suspension 29er elbows its way to the front of the start line with a race-oriented geometry and suspension working together. Fast and fun, it’s the perfect mountain bike for Cape Epic aspirants, gravel crossovers, and roadies looking to get dirty.





    02 Benefits
    Vertically oriented shock

    Choosing to design the LANDO XC with a vertical shock offers huge benefits both for weight savings and ridigity: shock forces can be concentrated in the robust and already built-up bottom bracket region, thereby allowing for a svelte top tube that doesn't require excessive carbon layering and weight. The design also ensures that the shock is completely isolated from any side loads, thus improving shock life and small bump sensivity by removing binding.

    Predictable suspension

    Riders who take their XC training and racing seriously rely on having predictable suspension in any gear. No matter if you're putting the hammer down on a climb or a flowy trail, nobody wants to have to deal with kickback or brake jack. That's why we've designed a proprietary single pivot "faux-bar" linkage with rear travel of 115mm based on a 45mm stroke shock, and 100mm based on a 40mm stroke shock. The philosophy behind our kinematics keeps anti-squat in the 90% range to ensure the suspension will stay firm but active when you are pushing the watts. You won't need to know jack or squat.

    Split seat tube

    Factor design features are never there just for show. The LANDO XC's split seat tube is not only a reference to the Twin Vane EVO split down tube on our road bikes, but also allows for the use of monobox chainstay and low weight. Shared pivots directly mounted into the frames give a super stiff, well aligned interface for the entire suspension to ride on.

    One-piece molded carbon rocker

    The one-piece molded carbon rocker is extremely stiff, preventing any side loading on the shock which dramatically extends its life span. The design also decreases static friction during use. The shared shock and lower swing arm pivot mounted as wide as possible ensure the simplest, lightest, and strongest use of the available frame material. To give the system a clean, svelte look, most fasteners are hidden or on the non-drivetrain side. The design references similar Factor blended designs found on our high-end road bikes.

    Progressive and Modern Geometry

    The 67° head tube angle combined with the 120mm travel fork allows you to settle into a rearward position to drive your speed on technical terrain. The 75.5° seat tube angle paired with the zero offset seat post enables you to enhance power output thanks to the position of your knee over the pedal spindle. The long top tube coupled with the relatively short stem keeps your center of gravity over the rear end of the bike to ensure traction and control. The balanced rear center length with trail ensures predictable handling.

    Black Inc integration

    The LANDO has been designed in unison with Black Inc components to complement ride quality and minimize weight. Made from the best quality materials including a tremendously strong Ni-Cr axle, CeramicSpeed bearings and Sapim CX-Ray spokes, the Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN wheels are XC-specific with a modern focus for today's technical race courses and exceptional riders. The one-piece barstem, tow-bolt seat post and computer mount with a hidden Go-Pro attachment round out the tailor-made suite of components.

    03 Features

    Not rowdy, but a refined XC racer

    Are you focused on fast? With the LANDO XC you can hit the trails knowing that your ride will offer laser-sharp handling and lightweight responsiveness. Comfort levels remain high even after hours in the saddle.

    Carbon monocoque rear triangle

    The single piece left and right chainstay/seatstay assembly has been highly refined to minimize weight and maximize stiffness. By designing the entire unit as a single piece, we were able to improve bearing alignment, thereby reducing pivot bearing wear and tear.

    Flat mount rear brake

    A flat mount rear brake allows us to mold the chainstay entirely out of carbon with no need to comold or bond in any alloy parts, resulting in significant weight savings and increased strength. This also facilitates the symmetrical seatstay configuration which keeps loads being transmitted from the rear wheel symmetrical, thereby improving shock alignment and reducing shock side load.

    T47 BB standard

    We utilize the industry leading T47 88.5 BB standard to increase maintenance convenience by offering the functionality of a threaded bottom bracket while still providing for the full width required to work with 1x Boost spacing and access to 30mm cranks, as well as native fitment for 24mm and DUB cranks (with the correct bottom bracket).

    Internal and External Cable Routing

    The LANDO offers both internal and external options for hydraulic brake hoses. Please note that internal routing with mechanical drivetrains is not possible. We offer internal dropper post routing as well as rear lockout.

    Multiple mounting points

    We’ve designed the LANDO to accommodate an in-frame water bottle cage with three down tube bosses to allow you to find the perfect placement. There are also bosses under the top tube for tool and accessory mounting as well as a Bento-style mount on the top tube for easy access to tools or nutrition on long marathon rides or races.

    Full length down tube protector

    Don’t worry about dinging the immaculate carbon of the LANDO undercarriage thanks to the full length integrated down tube protector.

    Sleek seat post clamp

    The integrated seat post clamp provides a lean look with clean lines for a standard 31.6 seat post. The road inspired asethetic compliments the compliant seatstay design that adds vertical flex to help contribute a progressiveness to the shock curve.

    Anti-rotation guard

    A mechanically attached anti-rotation guard unobtrusively sits underneath the down tube to ensure your frame is not damaged due to front end over rotation in the event of a crash or some other unwanted mishap.

    CeramicSpeed bearings

    Factor has invested in offering CeramicSpeed bearings as standard on the LANDO. The bottom bracket uses coated bearings thanks to their resistance to corrosion, their longevity and incredibly low friction. Similarly, the SLT Bearings in the headset require no maintenance and are practically indestructible. All CeramicSpeed bearings come with a lifetime warranty.

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    From $4,499.00

    From $4,499.00


    A full suspension to slash your times



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    05 Details


    TeXtreme®, Toray®, Nippon Graphite® Pitch-Based Fiber


    DT Swiss F 232 ONE 120 MM 29" 51 MM OFFSET REMOTE (*complete bike only)


    Zero setback 31.6mm round seatpost


    Refined carbon barstem with tuned stiffness semi-integrated cabling solution using a 1-1/2” upper bearing with a 1-1/8” steerer tube


    CeramicSpeed SLT bearings 1-1/2” upper and lower bearings, with a reducer to upper 1 1/8” steerer

    Head tube diameter

    Headset, 1-1/2” upper and lower bearings, with a reducer to upper 1 1/8” steerer

    Bottom Bracket

    CeramicSpeed T47 x 88.5 for 1x specific / CeramicSpeed coated bearings

    Max tire clearance

    2.4-inch tire clearance (with mud)


    Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN (*complete bike only)

    Wheel size


    Brake type

    Flat mount disc brake

    Max rotor size

    180mm rear

    Rear Shock*

    DT Swiss R 232 ONE 190/45 STANDARD MOUNT "MM" REMOTE (*complete bike only)

    Front axle

    15mm x 110mm, Boost

    Rear axle

    12mm x 148mm, Boost

    Cable routing


    Max chainring



    2100 grams including shock


    Vintage Blue, Crystal Green

    Manufacturer Warranty

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    120mm travel S M L XL
    Stack 594.5 599 608 619
    Reach 410 430 460 490
    HTA 67° 67° 67° 67°
    VSTA 75.5° 75.5° 75.5° 75.2°
    CSL 435 435 435 435
    BB Drop 40 40 40 40
    Fork Length 530 530 530 530
    Offset 51 51 51 51
    WB 1128 1150 1184 1218
    SOH 725 770 781 812
    Trail 95.5 95.5 95.5 95.5
    HT Length 90 95 105 117
    Max Saddle 712 756 800 844
    Min Saddle 612 652 692 732