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01 Overview

Double up on an aero ride

Though our motorsport and F1 racing heritage permeates all our designs, its influence is perhaps no more apparent than in the Factor ONE. With its unique Twin Vane EVO down tube, the ONE finds an unconventional solution for greater aerodynamic efficiency with the added benefit of enhancing the frame stiffness to the max.





02 Benefits
Motosport antecedents

Factor’s engineers have worked extensively developing the Twin Vane EVO down tube with the dual goal of increasing aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness. The Twin Vane EVO incorporates what we learned during the extensive aerodynamic work to design the Factor SLiCK. It’s been developed through CFD in the computer the subsequently optimized and refined in the wind tunnel. This feature on the ONE shows an expertise in design and engineering that is unique to Factor.

Race-oriented aerodynamics

This is a frame design focused on the needs of the serious racer. Having been ridden to multiple victories under our sponsored WorldTour riders, the Factor ONE offers the same advanced features for anyone looking to improve their racing stats. Whether attacking the peloton into a headwind, driving at the front of an all-out criterium, or leading a nippy paceline through the rolling countryside, the ONE delivers an exhilarating, fast and supremely powerful ride.

ONE Total Integration System

The ONE Total Integration System takes a holistic approach to the design of every aspect of the front end of the bike, including the head tube, fork, and barstem. Taking advantage of the OTIS assembly, the ONE Disc features complete internal routing; including the hidden front brake hose. Drawing on Factor’s aerodynamic acumen and CFD capabilities, the wide stance ONE Disc fork reduces the volume of the crown where it blends into the headtube. The barstem’s Kammtail shape ensures aero efficiency while the Smart OTIS assembly system allows for 35mm of stack adjustment.

03 Features

Detailed Attention to Aerodynamics

With a front end design committed to finding the best aero solution for a road racing bike, the Total Integration System used for the ONE also increases the ride stiffness and handling precision.

Drivetrain Efficiency

The continuous downtube-to-chainstay structure of the ONE frame provides exceptional stiffness and power transfer with minimum energy loss and maximum drivetrain performance. The use of a wide BBright bottom bracket together with the Twin Vane EVO down tube and tall chainstays ensure the extremely efficient power transfer with each pedal stroke. The use of CeramicSpeed® bearings in all parts of the frame guarantee a minimum of friction while keeping all movements smooth and interiors weather resistant.

Deep Airfoil Seat Tube

Deep airfoil seat tube contours and conforms to the rear wheel, nestling it away from the wind. The effect smooths the airflow coming off the rider’s rotating legs. Cut according to very tight tolerances, this effect complements the frame’s ability not only to accept but exploit the aero benefits of wider tires.

Wide stance Seat Stays

Though it can be difficult to appropriate real aerodynamic advances at the rear of the bike, there are methods to help smooth the turbulent airflow around the rider. Wide stance seatstays allow the air run through the frame and wheels, instead of around it. It is a design feature that enhances the aerodynamics as well as the lateral stiffness. It also allows greater clearance for wider tires.

Optimized Tire Size

While most aerodynamic wheels work best with 23mm tyres, we’ve engineered the ONE Chassis and Black Inc wheels so their sweet spot is with tires between 25 and 28mm wide.

Seatpost Options

Factor ONE is offered with a zero or a 25mm offset seatpost, with the aerodynamic profile allowing for easy Di2 battery internal installation. The 1-bolt saddle clamp makes setup easy. It is available for use with carbon and metal saddle rails (7×9 or 7×7 rails).

Wide range of Barstem sizes

Factor’s ONE V3 Integrated barstem offers exceptional integration and has been designed to accommodate clip-on aero bars.

Flat Mount Disc Brake

The Factor ONE uses Flat Mount standard, with recessed caliper hardware mounts for effective aerodynamic gains and cleaner looks. The bolt-on Factor 12mm thru-axles keep the whole system looking tidy and away from the wind

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From $5,299.00

From $5,299.00


Racing bike with F1 heritage



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05 Details


Factor ONE RBi Carbon


Factor ONE RBi Carbon


Factor ONE RGi Carbon. Zero and 25mm setback.


Factor OTIS EVO Reach 80mm, drop 125mm. Multiple stem lengths and bar widths available


FSA 1-1/8" bearings

Bottom Bracket

CeramicSpeed PF4630 Aluminium cups / CeramicSpeed bearings with Wheels MFG 24mm BBRight Reducers/Adapters

Finish/ Color

Aqua Blue


Currently spec'd with a SRAM 48/35 chainring and 10-33 cassette

Size 46 49 52 54 56 58 61
Stack 488 495 520 542 565 588 611
Reach 367 367 376 384 392 401 409
Seat Tube Angle 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0°
Head Tube Angle 70.5° 70.5° 72.2° 73.1° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Fork Offset 53 53 53 43 43 43 43
BB Drop 68 68 68 68 68 68 68
Chainstay Length 405 405 405 405 405 408 410
Seat Tube 430 456 480 502 525 548 570
Top Tube 507 518 535 549 565 581 596
Head Tube 83 83 103 119 142 166 190